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Social Responsibility

Discovering Barsetto symbiosis values

FTO(Fair Trade-Organic)
Not only is Barsetto coffee delicious and enjoyable, each cup also creates benefits in terms of social equality and ecological conservation. Based on our vision, we established the FTO excellence development plan, price our products based of fair trade, and practice organic growing techniques to help develop a sustainable farming supply chain and extend into even broader areas of possibilities.

Cooperation based on trust and equality

Up until now, Barsetto has used fair trade as its collaborative and business transaction standard, and have put it into practice. While encouraging the cultivation of quality coffee beans, we provide healthy working conditions to growers while adhering to coffee quality management, giving fair and transparent work remunerations as well as providing related certification assistance. At the same time we increased grower’s production values and their direct benefits. At present, small scale growers from South Africa, India, Guatemala, Colombia and other countries across the globe have successfully joined our FTO excellence development plan.

From sustainable cultivation to harvest

We are fully aware of the importance of having a green ecological environment to coffee quality. As an important part of the FTO excellence development plan, we actively research and promote the use of organic growing methods that comply with environmental management. With the precondition of minimizing the impact on the ecological environment, we encourage and train farmers, customers and society on organic farming techniques, and strive to make our coffee products comply with EU Organic standards. Besides providing our customers with green and healthy coffee, we also take a step further at restoring the green ecosystem.