Barsetto World

Journey from the birth of coffee

Barsetto – your perfect barista

Every rigorous detail
is used to to ensure the
perfect Barsetto quality

Staring from coffee cherries

We actively collect from around the world, choosing the best coffee cherries from varieties that have consistently produced coffee of high quality, and ensure each coffee bean is up to our quality standards.

Barsetto particularly attaches importance to the selection of coffee growing regions. All coffee cherries are picked from well known tropical coffee growing regions between elevation of 1000 and 2500 meters in places such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and India.

Selective harvest

Using a selective harvest system that is entirely done by hand by coffee farmers, the coffee cherries with consistent maturity are picked out. Although this process is time consuming and requires a lot of effort, every single coffee bean is guaranteed to be of consistent high quality.

Journey to distant seas

The selected high quality coffee beans are packaged into 60kg sacks and transported to the Barsetto roasting center in Turin, Italy. Upon arrival, we perform quality checks once again, and only the coffee beans with the optimal conditions are kept.

Precision blending

The high quality coffee is then blended at precise ratios of coffee beans chosen by our espresso experts according to the coffee beans’ characteristics. Barsetto’s one of a kind recipe can satisfy everyone’s preferences such as mellow and rich, sweet, balanced, and full bodied.

Coffee roasting

Barsetto has always insisted on using the traditional Italian coffee roasting process. A roasting system with precise control of time and temperature is used to allow the beans to form their own unique aromatic properties.

Coffee grinding

Only fine and evenly ground coffee can give a pure espresso. We use the newest grinding system from Italy where a meticulous grinding quality gives our capsule system the ability to extract all the essence of coffee in only a few seconds.

Encapsulating the flavours

The ground coffee in injected into our convenient and easy to use single cup capsules. The capsules use our exclusive Double•S packaging system which is the secret to retaining coffee freshness in Barsetto’s capsules. From the moment the ground coffee in injected into the capsule, its life force and essence is preserved.