Coffee Bean

Barsetto standards, Barsetto style

Starting from the best coffee growing regions to the manual selection and multi-phase inspections, then on to our exclusive blending and roasting procedures, this is the process Barsetto’s coffee beans go through. Without a doubt, every type of Barsetto’s select coffee beans that have gone through our system can be regarded as one of a kind. Learning about our process is the best way for you to discover Barsetto’s secret.


Barsetto’s signature dark roast. Blended from Arabica and Robusta beans from multiple regions around the world. It is mellow, rich and has a heavy roasty aroma.

Intensity: 10

Flavor characteristics: roasty, mellow, strong

Package: 500 grams/bag

Italian Espresso Blend

Pure dark roast activated using the traditional Italian style. Carries a freshness and has the perfect combination of bitterness, sourness, and sweetness.

Intensity: 10

Flavor characteristics: dark roast, strong, balanced

Package: 500 grams/bag

Colombia Supremo

100% high quality Arabica beans from Colombia. Medium city roasted to release a strong aroma with a mellow and crisp taste with the appropriate sourness.

Intensity: 8

Flavor characteristics: medium roast, crisp, slight sourness

Package: 500 grams/bag

100% Arabica

This rare type of select Arabica coffee uses the most premium quality coffee beans from South America and medium roasted to release a slightly sweet aroma with a velvet smooth texture.

Intensity: 5

Flavor characteristics: sweet, velvet smooth, balanced

Package: 500 grams/bag