Coffee Capsule

From the moment the coffee grounds are inserted into Barsetto capsules, its vitality is sustained. From the soil to the cup, the freshness is preserved. Whether it is pure espresso or various types of coffee based on the espresso, they can all offer you an incomparable moment of sensory bliss.

Understanding Barsetto’s coffee capsule system

Barsetto coffee capsule system

The secret to perfect quality

Professional filling

Witness Barsetto’s essence through this journey. We carefully measure the optimal amount of fresh premium coffee grounds to put into our capsules by using the most perfect and professional filling techniques.

Freshness preservation technology

How does the coffee ground retain its freshness? To solve this problem we designed the Double•S packaging system. First layer protection: we use food-grade PP materials for the capsule and sealing aluminum film to block light and heat from the outside; Second layer protection: the outer layer is sealed with aluminum, locking in 900 types of coffee aromas within the capsules.

Extraction of the essence

The coffee grounds within the capsule is able to retain the quality of fresh bean coffee thanks to our patented 3D pressure extraction technology. Utilizing micro pore technology, innovative capsule design, mastery and precision of water temperature and flow rate, the Barsetto machine’s 20 bar high pressure double phase extraction is able to completely release the coffee ground’s essence, resulting in a perfect cup of aromatic, smooth, and mellow espresso with rich crema.

Coffee collector’s series

Flavored Tea Capsules

Besides superior quality coffee beans and capsules, we also provide various rich flavored tea capsules to satisfy the needs of those who love to prepare tea the traditional way but find themselves in certain circumstances. Premium tea leaves are carefully selected from organic tea plantations from multiple countries around the world to create a variety of flavored teas with different tea, floral, and fruity aromas. The natural essence of tea is stored within the capsule and by pressing a button, you can easily enjoy various types tea.