Barsetto World

Brand Story

Barsetto, one of a kind

Barsetto is a global company from Italy that specializes in coffee, coffee machines and coffee supplies. Established upon the long tradition of espresso culture and coffee processing technology, we strive to use innovative ways to bring a high quality coffee experience to household and commercial users. From the first exclusive Barsetto coffee blend to now, Barsetto has always been at the forefront of residential, commercial, travel, and outdoor coffee solutions.

Upholding purity and exquisite artistry. Barsetto adopts the attitude of espresso coffee specialist to revere in the beauty and enjoyment of every moment. From the selection of the best coffee beans from around the world, to coffee brewing equipment that is suitable for various situations, Barsetto provides you with the world’s most perfect coffee.

Original flavour

All types of Barsetto coffee have some common traits: rich and mellow flavours, rich and unique texture, are made using exclusive Italian style blending recipe and roasting techniques, and are all created by legendary Barsetto coffee experts. These ambassadors of coffee with outstanding skills, travel to various places around the world during the year to search for the rarest and most precious coffee varieties in person and prepare them using the most original and up to date ways. Because of this, Barsetto has a coffee flavour system that is unique. This is the secret to how we satisfy our user’s precise requirements.

Based on product success

In upholding centuries of espresso essence and wisdom, Barsetto’s innovative spirit also runs deep. With its strengths in outstanding product technology, Barsetto insists on developing cutting edge technology to use in its coffee machines and coffee. Thus, it has established itself in the position as a proud “espresso expert brand”. From each uniquely developed coffee machine, the revolutionary 3D capsule extraction system, and from the exclusive Double S capsule design, you can appreciate the style and charm of Barsetto and its relentless pursuit of superior performance and extraordinary control experience.

International sales network

Barsetto’s headquarters is located in the outskirts of Turin in Italy. Starting out from being a local Italian brand and developing to today’s international corporation, we also have branches and offices in China and Hong Kong. Our products can be found in millions of homes, high-end offices, hotels, and in banks in dozens of countries on the four major continents, and also accompanies some users on their travels.

Barsetto in China

From the formulation of the ten year development plan in 2010, Barsetto’s Asia Pacific Headquarters was officially established in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to expand the residential coffee business applications market. In 2015, 8 service centres were established in places including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, marking Barsetto’s entry in the greater China region.